Public Speaking: Presidential Diary

by / Jul. 6, 2015 10am EST

Buffalo’s number one Pat Kewley-hosted podcast is BACK  after a couple weeks off (DON’T ASK, JUST DON’T) with a special 4TH OF JULY HOLIDAY  EDITION of Public Speaking. (We know that the 4th was a few days ago, but again, please don’t bicker with us about it. Why do you have to have so many questions about everything? It’s not a good look, we’ll tell you that.)

In tribute to America’s high school graduation, a.k.a INDEPENDENCE DAY, the Public Speaking research team takes us on a journey the magic and wonder of PRESIDENTIAL HISTORY by means of everyone’s favorite kind of sources — PRIMARY SOURCES. Specifically, PRESIDENTIAL DIARY ENTRIES. Join us as we use the medium of the future (podcasting) to take you on a journey through the past (oldtime president times).

CAST OFF! (podcast joke)

Pat Kewley is a Buffalo writer, comic, and artist