This Week's Public Picks

by / Jun. 21, 2017 12pm EST

The Public’s weekly local music reviews and previews.

Single: “summer thing” by Passed Out

Recommended if you like: 
Blink 182, The Get Up Kids 

The new track from Buffalo pop-punk band Passed Out is an upbeat, driving emo-inspired punk song. The song, “summer thing” has frontman Andy Pothier waxing poetic over lost summer love, just in time for summer to begin. Equal parts Blink 182 and the Get Up Kids, the hooky track crashes together soaring synth lines and muscular drums. Released last week on the band’s bandcamp page, “summer thing” was recorded by Cody Morse at Afterglow Studios.

Single: “Blue Funk” by Al Polanski

Recommended if you like:
Andres, J Dilla, Session Victim

The latest release from producer Al Polanski, is a track titled Blue Funk. Almost like a slow motion deep house track, “Blue Funk” unfurls in waves, first introducing a rolling syncopated hip hop beat and moody Rhodes piano line, before breaking down into a funky synth jam. The track has a driving character to it despite its fairly low key arrangements—perfect for after the party.