Baltimore Checkerspot  Photo by Jburney
Baltimore Checkerspot  Photo by Jburney

GreenWatch Sunday Morning TV: Solstice Butterflies

by / Jun. 18, 2017 7am EST

GreenWatch Sunday Science

Summer Almanac

The Summer Solstice occurs in Earth’s Northern  Hemisphere on Wednesday June 21 at 12:24 am.  This first day of Summer is the longest day of daylight in the entire year.

The earliest sunrise in the Northern Hemisphere occured on June 14 (last week) at aprox 530 am. The latest sunset will occur on June 27 at aprox 858 pm.

The reason that the longest time of daylight and the earliers sunrise and latest sunset do not exactluy line up is due to the wobbling of the earth as it rotates.  At least we are not in midwinter. Enjoy summer!

Watch the Summer Solstice LIVE on Slooh with Bill Nye.

Dont forget one of the biggest events of the century when North America is treated to a total Solar Eclipse. (August 21) This will be the first total solar eclipse to transit North America from coast to coast in 100 years. It will happen south of Buffalo.  Check out this site for more information.


GreenWatch Sunday Morning Television

Todays video shows us some local spring into summer 2017 Butterflies. All were photographed in Western New York.


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