Public Speaking: ElectroPat Interview

by / Jun. 15, 2015 12pm EST


What’s up, “speakies”? (It’s a thing now, deal with it.) Get ready for one of the most GROUNDBREAKING podcast episodes of all time, where we have an EXCLUSIVE interview with autonomous podcast-hosting robot ElectroPat. If you’re SO BORED with podcast episodes where self-aware podcast-hosting robots get interviewed live, then by all means skip this episode. Otherwise, trust us that you DO NOT want to miss this. The Public has invested HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars in additional servers to handle the EXPLOSION of web traffic that will come after this episode ROCKS the very FOUNDATIONS of podcasting to their CORE

What’s next for ElectroPat? What’s next for any of us, for that matter? Ah, Bartleby! Ah, humanity! AH, PODCASTING!

Pat Kewley is a Buffalo writer, comic, and artist