Photo by Butter Block / Ginny Rose Stewart 
Photo by Butter Block / Ginny Rose Stewart 

Pastry With Pride

by / Jun. 1, 2016 3am EST

When The Public asked the principals of Butter Block—lead chef Colleen Stillwell and co-owner, photographer, and co-enthusiast Ginny Rose Stewart—to create a pastry appropriate to Pride Week, they never hesitated. And so was born the Pride Pop Tart. (Existing trademark possibly infringed, new trademark possibly pending.) Butter Block, as local gourmands and regular readers of this newspaper may recall, is a small-batch operation whose lovely products are as rich and desirable the brand name suggests: never light on what makes pastry great, carefully constructed, available in limited quantities at a handful of locations.

Their croissant and pain au chocolat are unbelievably airy and fine; one-off or occasional products are worth religious visits to the handful of retail outlets who carry them. These include the Farm Shop, located at Lexington and Ashland in the Elmwood Village, Nickel City Cheese & Mercantile and Elmwood and Bryant; and Public Espresso + Coffee at the Hotel Lafayette. But this week, Pride Week, what you want is this colorful item, a proud flag you can fly and consume at any of the locations listed to the right.

 Butter Block: Pop Tart Finder 

North Buffalo Farmers Market
1113 Hertel Ave (Holy Spirit Church parking lot)

Public Espresso

Hotel Lafayette, 391 Washington St, Buffalo
Allentown First Friday Gallery Walk Artisan Market
Allentown, Buffalo 

Bidwell Farmers Market
Bidwell Park, Elmwood & Bidwell, Buffalo

 BUTTER BLOCK / instagram