This Week's Public Picks: Green Giant

by / May. 30, 2018 3pm EST

Album: Green Giant by Frigid Giant and Cee Gee

Recommended if you like: Eminem, Homeboy Sandman, Ka

Two Buffalo-based hip hop makers, Columbus “Cee Gee” Green and Frigid Giant A.K.A. Kevin Delgado, teamed up to release a new album earlier this month titled Green Giant. The 11-track album features production by Cee Gee and Frigid Giant, and lyrics and rhymes by Frigid Giant. 

The album begins with Frigid Giant rapping smoothly and sharply over Cee Gee’s classic hip hop beat, stand up bassline and low key guitar melody on “Enter: The Green Giant.” “All Blood Runs Red” has Giant rapping ominously over demolished beats before moving into “No Superstitions,” which flows like a classic Eminem hit. “Blue Dream,” a mid-album highlight, comes with features from a pair of Buffalo rappers, Genecist and Mad Dukez who rap over a King Geedorah-esque sci-fi-inspired beat. The album wraps with a bonus track titled “Big Lebowski,” a head-bobbing, golden era hip hop-inspired personal statement in the form of an ode to the dude.

The record comes complete with comic-book-inspired artwork featuring a massive monster that appears to be a mash up of the two musicians—illustrated by Delgado, who is also visual artist by day. Stream the album in full on Bandcamp today.