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by / May. 24, 2017 12am EST

The Research by Cee Gee

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A Tribe Called Quest, Beastie Boys, Notorious B.I.G


Buffalo-based beatsmith Columbus Green, better known as Cee Gee, dropped a massive project titled The Research this week. The mixtape is 20 tracks long and features a slew of Buffalo talent including Frigid Giant, Mad Dukez, Short Moscato, Keith Concept, ShutEyes, Rap and Destroy, and more. The project is diverse in talent and production styles, from chopped and screwed beats to golden age hip hop grooves. 

Highlights include “The Big Lebowski,” a head bobbing classic hip hop beat featuring the relentless flow of Frigid Giant; the more low key, vibey “AstroTravelling” featuring Short Moscato; and Hanna Barbarians a video game inspired, in-your-face rap track featuring Rap and Destroy with Alexander McBryde. Instrumental tracks like “Where Do I Go From Here??” and “Drop The Needle,” also show off Cee Gee’s impressive production skills. The Research is available now on Bandcamp for streaming or purchase.