Regional Birding Hotspots and eBird reports!
Regional Birding Hotspots and eBird reports!

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by / May. 21, 2017 7am EST

Beautiful Spring Birds

The last few weeks have brought to our region  the height of spring bird migration, with beautiful spring warblers topping the list of birds that can be seen.  Some of these warblers are arriving after long journeys from Central and South America. Our region has a number of birding hotspots where migrating  bird “fallout” can be observed and experienced.  From Forest Lawn in Buffalo, to Beaver Meadow Audubon, Tifft Nature Preserve, Times Beach Nature Preserve, Amherst State Park, and Iroquois Wildlife Refuge, we have an abundance of places to go and observe this spectacular phenomena of spring migrations. 


A great source of citizen reporting of sightings is eBird.  This is a program sponsored by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and provides real-time observation data that can be directly accessed and reported. Migration forcast data is also regularly updated here.

Many local hotspots can be accessed with the daily reporting data including updates of species found.

Click on the links below to see what is being reported where, and by whom.

Times Beach Nature Preserve

Forest Lawn Cemetery

Tifft Nature Preserve

Presque Isle State Park, Erie Pennsylvania

Beaver Meadow Audubon

Reinstein Woods State Park

Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge

Grand Island

Looking Back: 2016 Migration Video

Last year we traveled to Point Pelee in Ontario, which is the southern most point of continental Canada. The point juts into Lake Erie and reaches toward the US shoreline in a way that attracts migrating birds by the hundreds of thousands each spring.  Here is a look back at last years spring migration video from Point Pelee, Canada