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by / May. 17, 2017 12am EST


Correction: The following article by Richard Lipsitz was printed in the May 17, 2017 issue, but misattributed to multiple authors.

The firing of James Comey is the most recent fact that leads to an unavoidable conclusion: Our country is being led by a madman. This would be a cause of laughter if it wasn’t so serious. The decisions made by the president of the United States have consequences well beyond the borders of the country. It is no exaggeration to state that Donald Trump is the greatest threat to world peace and stability since World War II ended.

He made the decision to fire the FBI director for at least two reasons. First and foremost it became clear that far from disappearing, the investigation into the Trump campaign and the interference in the 2016 election is continuing and expanding. Trump clearly expected Comey to give up the investigation and turn to the issue of official leaks instead. Secondly, Trump went into a rage at the quote from Comey that he was “nauseous ” at the thought he had contributed to Trump’s victory in November by speaking to the media about Clinton’s emails on October 28.

The effect of these two facts apparently sent Trump into a sleep deprived frenzy which led to the decision to fire Comey. Now, we are in the midsts of a full blown constitutional crisis, which if not resolved properly could very well lead to the downfall of American democracy, and the establishment of a Trumpian fascist regime. The stakes are just that high.

This begs the question, how should the working people respond? We have a severely disturbed person as the principle officer of the most powerful economic and military nation on earth. This in itself is a very sobering thought. The threat of a war started because of decisions made by this man should shake any thinking person to their core. This is not hyperbole. He really can begin a war without giving it a second thought. Further, his first reaction on any economic or financial question is to make sure that the rich will benefit. The best and most recent  example is the American Healthcare Act. This is nothing but a tax giveaway to the rich at the expense of as many as 24 million ordinary people.

So, again, what should we do, how should we respond? 

Now is the time to step up the anti-Trump resistance! This is not the time for hesitation. The defense of political democracy and the constitution upon which it exists, no matter how flawed,  is an essential activity to keep our society from falling into the nightmare of fascism, hunger and war. Trump is on a path which will,  if taken to its logical conclusion; end in a dictatorship. He has taken the first step: beginning a purge of the so-called “deep administrative state”. This concept of the “deep administrative state” comes right from the fevered minds of Steve Bannon and his gang and is nothing but a fig leave to disguise the substitution of the current career government personnel with those had picked and loyal to Donald Trump. In particular, Trump is moving to purge the Department of State, the CIA, and, clearly, the FBI.

The choice is clear: the defense of democracy or the path to dictatorship. All democratic forces in our society must be united on this issue. Rally in the streets, call your Congress representatives, write letters, talk to your friends and co-workers. The time is now! 

- Richard Lipsitz, president of Western New York Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO


I am a Buffalonian writing to express my grave concern about President Donald J. Trump and his extensive ties to Russia.

Most recently, those ties led to his firing James Comey, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, reportedly because Comey was investigating those ties himself and had requested additional resources for this investigation.

If true, this is tantamount to our president, and possibly members of the GOP Congress, committing treason and aiding Russia in a coup to take “the People’s House.”

With Republicans in the House and Senate unwilling to put country before party, I urge every Buffalonian to contact the Department of Justice to urge Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to appoint an independent, special prosecutor to investigate this matter once and for all.

For good measure, contact your Congresspeople, our governor, Andrew Cuomo, and our state AG, Eric Schneiderman, too.

We are truly in a Constitutional crisis now. Will you join me in the resistance?
- Stacey Bowers

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