Deadpool 2

by / May. 17, 2018 8am EST

You know spring has finally arrived when a new superhero movie opens every other week. Deadpool 2 marks Ryan Reynolds’s third outing as the emotionally and physically scarred slapstick title hero, following a poorly received appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and a surprisingly well received and entertaining solo feature. This energetic sequel manages to be even more outrageous, humorous, and in-your-face than the previous film. At a time when superheroes dominate the multiplexes at the expense of adult cinema, it makes perfect sense that a film skewering the genre might prove to be the funniest of the year. Josh Brolin (fresh off his CGI enhanced turn as Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War) plays the popular X-Men character Cable, a Terminator from the future attempting to change the course of history via an assassination in our time. He’s as effectively grim as Reynolds is ebullient in this gleefully violent, R-rated comedy. Reynolds, who will go to any length for a laugh (no doubt aided by an army of stunt men), may be the Keaton, or at least the Jackie Chan, of our day. Morena Baccarin returns to provide emotional weight and tenderness as Deadpool’s girlfriend.