Public Speaking: Kevin Cain

by / May. 11, 2015 2pm EST

GET READY for another episode of Buffalo’s only podcast hosted by a guy who won a fishing contest once! We sit down this week in a GRAIN SILO to have a nice long chat with local renaissance dude KEVIN CAIN about his two current projects: SILO SESSIONS and THE PUBLIC PICNIC. Does Manute Bol come up in conversation? OF COURSE HE DOES! Also, Pat reveals whether or not he is a scientist.

And because it was recorded in a silo, this episode has extra-psychedelic levels of REVERB. I hope your face isn’t too messy, because when you listen to this you’re going to need to clear some room on it for an EXTRA-BIG SMILE! :)

Podcasts! They’re CRAZY!

Pat Kewley is a Buffalo writer, comic, and artist