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by / May. 10, 2017 12am EST

God Save the Queen 3 by Mic Excel and Mario Bee

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God Save the Queen 3 is the third EP in a series of records by Mic Excel and Mario Bee. 13 minutes in total, the record streams straight through but is broken up into three segments punctuated by warped interludes (heavily featuring cut scenes from the X Files, including one with a reference to Buffalo). The tracks range from minimal slow motion trap to head bobbing abstract hip hop, and chromatic synth beats over which Mario Bee and Mic Excel deliver clever lyrics with plenty of references to the 716. 

Mario Bee’s faded flow melds with Mic Excels more stimulated style to create a pretty interesting dynamic, which results in the occasional hook, especially in final minutes of the last segment. The album ends with a mocking sample of Carl Paladino pleading with listeners to ignore his racism.God Save the Queen 3 is available for streaming on Soundcloud.