This Week's Public Picks: Bold Folly + The Farewells

by / May. 8, 2018 5pm EST

EP: Eighty Dollar Kleenex by Bold Folly

Recommended if you like: The Flaming Lips, Lightning Bolt, Shellac

Released in March, Eighty Dollar Kleenex is the latest EP from Buffalo weirdo-rock band Bold Folly. The album ricochets through disintegrating rock, to grilled and charred punk, and mathy noise rock. Breaking through the punk spasms are windows of melodic harmony that release tension and light up the tracks, which were recorded at Mammoth Recording Studio in Buffalo. Highlights include the raw, driving album opener “Smile at the Police,” and catchy, weird, album closer “Green Headed Duck.”

Single: “Angels” by The Farewells

Recommended if you life: Mumford and Sons, Iron and Wine, Andrew Bird

The new single from Buffalo’s The Farewells is an emotional acoustic alt folk track that’s lush with layers of guitars and strings. The focal point however are the soulful vocals of singer Ryan Howze, who moves through the song with a preciseness. The interesting mix of alt rock stylings and acoustic instrumentation create a familiar yet fresh sound. Look for the band’s EP this spring.