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by / May. 3, 2017 12am EST

by Swagger Thief

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James Ferraro, Hype Williams, Chuck Person

Swagger Thief is a project from Eric Schwartz and Justin Ruiz of Buffalo. Their latest release I, a four track record that bounces between instrumental new age hip hop music and funky interlude jams. The style, self dubbed “post internet” lands somewhere between vaporwave and cloud rap—with ethereal, almost New Age-esque flute sounds, hovering synthesizers and hypnagogic album art. Highlights include the dreamlike “The Hustle,” and the hip hop piano groove “Drunk Hosanna.”

candyflip by Suburbs

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Neon Indian, Com Truise, Panda Bear

Members of post-rock band Tomoreux feature on the new project Suburbs, whose new record is titled candyflip (to candyflip refers to taking MDMA and LSD simultaneously). Expectedly, the album is a bubbly, otherworldly journey into hypnotic electronic beats and celestial vocals. “Suburbs After Dark” veers toward slow motion dance music with foaming beats and a rolling bassline. “Bottom Shelf” maintains the rolling basslines and foregoes the upfront beats, at least partially, in favor of faded tambourines and spaced-out vocals. Finally, “48 Hour Scumbags” is a downtempo post-party chill out track. candyflip was recorded at Afterglow Studios and is available to stream and download on Bandcamp.