Remember this?
Remember this?

Trump Cares About Innocent Civilians

by / Apr. 14, 2018 11am EST

The United States’ record of military intervention in the Middle East over the past three decades has been an abject failure. Our great adventures in Kuwait, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, and Syria have not resulted in the promised peace or democracy. More to the point, none of this has resulted in regional stability and security — for anyone. Not the US, not Israel, not Egypt — no one. 

Last night, the US, Britain, and France hurled some missiles into Syria to punish its dictatorship for gassing its innocent citizens. 

So, Trump, who Tweeted this… 

…has evidently changed his tune. Trump retained bellicose neoconservative John Bolton to be his new National Security Advisor, and literally within days launched unauthorized missiles in the general direction of Syria. President Trump denounced Syrian dictator Assad for gassing, “innocent men, women, and children.”

It’s nice that Trump makes mouth-noises about chemical weapons being used against innocent Syrian people, but these are the same innocent people for whom Trump has slammed shut America’s doors. 

I reject this idiotic and disgusting meme, but honestly — we’ll bomb the Skittles but not give the Skittles refuge? There is nothing honorable going on here.