This Week's Public Picks: Space Cubs

by / Apr. 3, 2018 4pm EST

EP: What Iff by Space Cubs

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On Saturday, April 7, psychedelic electronic rock band Space Cubs will release their new EP, What Iff. The EP marks a shift for the band, lead by Suzanne Bonifacio. What began as a solo electronic music project for Bonifacio has expanded into a full band recently with the notable addition of musician Shawn Lewis, A.K.A. Lesionread, as well as Adam Pressley and Ken Culton.  

On What Iff, Bonaficio and company also shift the project’s sound, from clanking, mostly dark electronic based productions to dubby, hypnotic tunes that dip into jazzy structures, ambient lows, and psychedelic field samples. 

The EP’s first single, “Quitting” moves from cosmic, spacey vocals to quiet noodling and floating rhythms adorned with otherworldly chirps and feedback. From there, the record shifts toward electronica with the title track, “What Iff,” which is followed by a disorienting interlude titled “Fizzle Practicality.” The record concludes with a melting downtempo piece titled “The World,” which piles overflowing fountains of static white noise on top of massive bass thumps and Bonifacio’s highly reverberated, mesmerizing vocals. Stream “Quitting,” now on Soundcloud and look for the full EP soon.