UB Poetics: The Next 25 Years

by / Apr. 3, 2016 4pm EST

[LIT CONFERENCE] In 1991, UB faculty Robert Creeley, Charles Bernstein, Susan Howe, and Dennis Tedlock founded what would become one of the world’s centers for innovative approaches to poetry and this weekend UB is getting the band back together of current and former faculty and students with a forward-looking, three-day conference named Poetics: (The Next) 25 Years. You can see the full schedule at their website but the highlight for the layperson has to be the inaugural Robert Creeley Lecture and Celebration at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery on Friday afternoon. Featuring a film made by The Public’s own Bruce Jackson, the event is headlined by lecture to be delivered by the Bollingen award-winning poet Nathaniel Mackey, an absolute titan in the field. Other events worth checking out: a community reading (Friday, Westminister Presbyterian Church, 724 Delaware Avenue, 8pm) on Friday, a panel with Charles Bernstein, Elizabeth Willis and Dennis Tedlock (Saturday, 120 Clemens Hall, UB North Campus, 4:30pm) and a poetics reading (Saturday, Trinity Church 371 Delaware Avenue, 8pm).