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GreenWatch: The Rise of the Idiocracy

by / Apr. 2, 2017 10am EST

The news of the past few week about the density and intensity of the Russian intelligence operations against the good old USA is both shocking (I am shocked, just shocked) and revealing of deeper truths.

These include:

-The idiocracy that we have become is an easy target, we have been invaded, and we have lost.

-The idiocracy that we have become is fully supported by the ways and means that we have bought into to do business. This buy-in by almost everyone, -our egregious complacence to the criminal excesses of our business practices, has separated most of us from the wealth and well-being that we and our recent generations have created. 

-The idiocracy that we have become has enabled the massive redistribution of that wealth by an emerging and ongoing a kleptocracy.  You may have missed it, but this years annual  Oxfam Report on Wealth Disparity, Janaury 2017

 reveals that “just 8 men” own the same wealth as “half of the world ‘s population.”

It is an established fact that since 2015 the richest 1% of the human population owns more wealth than the rest of the world’s population combined.  While some of you may be convinced that these individuals are benign “job-creators” and protectors that will make America Great Again, they are in fact malignant and malevolent forces that have created poverty, social instability, and have their boots on our throats and are ready willing and able to put us to the sword. They do not need us, do not need to provide jobs or any kinds of opportunities for us, and in fact represent and are implementing the final solution that the greatest generation fought and died to protect us from.

American Russia

If you have been able to pay attention you may be aware that the Russian state is run by thieves and mobsters. These thieves and mobsters have come to our shores both physically and through the internet tubes. They have entered into our minds by clever propaganda campaigns. Although the details are only beginning to emerge with investigations by the FBI and Congress, it is already abundantly clear that their weaponized use of disinformation and propaganda has elected the president of the United States. This has been going on for years as our collective consciousnesses have been dumbed down by thought experiments and branding marketed to us by a compliant media that has but one obligation and directive, and that is profit at any cost. If you can think about it for a minute, you may realize that everything that we think and do is based on a marketing directive that has been pumped directly into our brain spaces by wealth extractors. The human brain loves the shiny object. We are all products of that reptilian evolutionary reality. 

Today, since the rise of Putin, these wealth extractors have been coagulated by the small global cabal that has seized power in the Russian state. They have found ways to weaponize our minds against ourselves and have brought their shiny objects to our shores, homes, and workplaces.

The local connections are remarkably evident, if you are not blinded by your personal cognition of shiny objects.

Trumpaholism is a Malignant Addiction

Our newly enfranchised kleptocratic government has deep roots in the rise of the fable of the American Dream.  Whether its the embracing fantasy of the “shining city on the hill”, or the promise of going to Disneyland, or the promise of the Buffalo Bills being great again, we are, in this city of “good neighbors” always expecting a better tomorrow. The City of No Illusions” has become in fact the “City of Total Illusion”, supported by a vast culture of propagandist fable makers, dream makers, and con-artists that still have only one thing in mind. Alert the Media: its not your personal health that they are concerned with. It is their own wealth.

You may be aware of our own Congressman Chris Collins has personally benefited from an insider financial relationship to the Trump installed Secretary of Commerce Tom Price. This is transparently and most recently about a pharmaceutical company called Inate Pharma. Read (again) about that corruption scandal here:

Collins, Draft Legislation, Profit by Alan Bedenko the Public Janaury 6, 2017

You may be aware that former US Attorney Preet Bharara, who was responsible for bringing corruption charges against local “pay to play” operators including LP Ciminnelli, (charged with looting money from the so called Buffalo Billion and Solar City) was recently  fired by Trump. While some say that the firing of US Attorneys by new Administrations is common practice, it is evident, if you pay attention, that this was far from a common place removal of a prosecutor from power. After asking Bharara to stay on, Trump abruptly reversed course and fired him.  Arre there additional motivations that changed Trumps mind? Apparently so. The former Manhattan based Bharara had investigations against Trump and his entangled and oblique financial dealings. Probably including loans from Russian based banks and bankers. Bharara had several open investigations including a focus on disgraced former Trump National Security Advisors Michael Flynn and his connections to Turkey and Russia. Bharara had an investigation against Tom Price and allegations about insider trading with Inate Pharma. Chris Collins is up to his ears in the allegations that he has personally profited (bigly) from as a Congressman with insider knowledge. This is, as Bedenko says, Corruption 101.

Read More about this HERE, HERE, and HERE


Russian Intelligence is not an Oxymoron and it is inside you.

This week saw the public beginnings of what may promise to be an objective investigation of the Russian/Putin connections to the rise of Trump. The Senate Intelligence Committee, which appears to be a bipartisan effort to enhance both the FBI Investigations and the sadly disfigured House investigation held its first public hearing on Thursday. It revealed what may be the Trump administrations collusion with Putin.

Clinton Watts, a counter-terrorism expert, former FBI agent, and now Robert A. Fox Fellow in the Foreign Policy Research Institute, testified that Russia has employed “active measures” to influence the 2016 Presidential election, including during the primary campaigns and the general election. He implicated the Trump Campaign and current administration officials including possibly the President, as willing participants.  This is stunning. I am just stunned!

According to Watts (who was backed up by other witnesses who testified), “the Russians have been using “active measures,” which are built on propaganda tactics that date back to Soviet times, to spread disinformation, fear, confusion, and chaos in multiple democratic countries, including the United States.”

The motivations of the Russians include a desire to “erode confidence in western democracy and to promote oligarchy kleptocracy, dictatorship, and racism.”

Look those terms up if they are confusing to you.

Western democracy is classically defined as embracing the concepts of economic and political freedom, characterized by fair, free, and competitive elections.

The strategies include destabilizing the democratic processes though fake news, bots, and trolls which amplify the messages created by Russian influenced propaganda masters inside and outside of the current American government. 

They used propaganda outlets such as RT and Brietbart to try to affect the national debate, and intentionally tried to plant certain ideas and themes into the American electorate’s consciousness, including the notion that the election was “rigged” against Trump (a theme Trump himself picked up).

According to Watts, Russia was and is allegedly using “trolls” and “bots” to impact the news cycle by creating artificial “surges” of commentary online, often if not always accompanied by fake news implants.

Trump appears to be using these Russian strategies in his consistent promotion of fake news stories, often created by the Russian propaganda machine.



Declaration of War

It is clear that Russian operations run by Putin have declared war on western democracies including the United States. They have weaponized our own information systems including the internet tubes,  and national and local news media against us. At this point it appears that they have won.  Is resistance futile? From this vantage point the answer is no. Hell no!

How to resist?  Knowledge is power. Media literacy is a critical component.  Unfortunately we have a huge uphill battle. Most media is designed exclusively to pick your pocket. Get your ass in gear. Your willingness and ability to engage may be the only way that we can truly get our country back and make America Great Again.  If you are disabled, intellectually, and I am sorry if I offend you, get out of the way until your eyes and brain clear and you are able to stand up against those forces that are dedicated to killing us, you, and your family.

Local Media Here are some clear examples of how the Russian state weapons effects you directly.  If you have ever read an online article, say for example at a local television or radio station website or even the Buffalo News, you may find yourself reading or even producing “comments”.  If you have done this you have surely read what George Bush has recently called “crazy shit.”

It happens constantly. Some people refuse to read comments because they are so off the wall, or offensive, or just so downright false that it offends or damages your psyche. If you are one of those people, there is hope for you.  But, and here is the truth, many people read and believe the “crazy shit”.  They repeat it. Lies, half truths, and obfuscation become part of the public dialogue. And now we have Putin influencing and directing the idiocracy.  

In fact, the reason that there are “comment sections” is not because they are intended to enlighten you but because they are capturing interest. Controversial and crazy comments can be what are called “click bait”. Click bait is intended for one purpose, to drive clicks and revenue.  This is a money game. This is the purpose of much of our media, to drive revenue streams, to make money.  The Russian strategy, the weaponization of our own systems against us, depends upon this crazy shit. The amplification of these crazy shit messages, by bots and trolls has destroyed us. And you and I are victims. And the media, including the local media is complicit.  If you ever have wondered why these crazy shit comments appear, it is for one reason, it makes the media outlet money.

Can we solve it?   One way that is often discussed in media board rooms, is to eliminate the comments sections. Some outlets have done this. Mostly though, the response is that the media business needs that revenue, those clicks, to sell advertising. This is more or less a true fact.

Others, especially if you are engaged in the public debate, patrol the comments sections in an effort to “set the record straight” or post a counter opinion. The problem is, and we are really only now beginning to become more broadly aware of this, is that the weaponized technologies employed by propaganda machines involves bots and trolls that will out complete even the most dedicated watchdogs and truth messengers. We are dead in the water and we will believe that war is peace.

Holding economic priorities accountable for supporting our enemies. Here is a potential solution and this is directed at the board rooms of the Buffalo News and our local television stations.  Curate the comments!  If you start by recognizing that America is under attack, by, for instance, Russian Intelligence operations, and that these operations employ the tactics and technology that we are now faced with,  it seems to be a patriotic duty to create an assignment editor, or public editor, to curate comments by countering what is clearly “crazy shit.”  A good curator can even promote more engagement with the comments, thus helping to drive revenue and to help fact check and promote other positive results (including fighting corruption and the overthrow of western democratic governance). It would seem to be the duty of the press to do this, given the Press’s First Amendment privilege, which by the way, needs to be protected and defended if we are to survive.

Here is a good example. This past Friday, the Buffalo News ran an informative article by T.J Pignataro, (one of the Buffalo News premier reporters) about the recent move by Trump to defund the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. (GLRI)  Like it or hate it, the GLRI provides protections for human health and well-being (including your family).   The true believers of Russian inspired Trumpist propaganda think that funding protections are obstacles to their own beliefs -including promoting the transfer of wealth to the oligarchs responsible for the pollution of the Great Lakes. Instead Trump proposes taking $50 million of the $300 million annual GLRI money to build a wall along the Mexican border. So much for making Mexico pay for it.

The comments section is full of non-factual bloviation or mistruths that support the Trump takings and talking points.

Here is a good example of a non-truth obfuscation that reflects what may be common myths about protections offered by the GLRI-designed to obliviate your comprehension.

From a bot or troller named: Sean Fitzgerald · Falconer Central School

“glri- is 2 billion yearly now. can only hire part time employess for the summer and on layoff. there is nothing they do, that is already not being done by the states. the epa stated more refuge areas, which is less access for sportsman. basically they do nothing during the winter, the lake is frozen. its hard to monitor a frozen lake. this glri has now since its invention has cost way way more money. will cost more money in the future. which is our tax money. beach goes, swimmers boaters fisherman, the folks that live on on the shores, all monitor the lake! if they spot something they usally let our state dec know. now they do this free….which helps the lake. glri has no authority in half of those lakes because its in canadian waters! now how come the canadians are not upset over this issue? go trump !”

Go figure!  Sean may or may not be a russian -based on his lack of language skills, and or he may be a true believer of these low information statements. Buffalo News, you better clean up your operations.  You are complicit in the weapons of invasion by the mind-snatchers that have seized America.

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