Public School #MarchRadness: 5 Tracks To Ball To

by / Mar. 24, 2015 3pm EST

The third edition of our monthly dance party, Public School features the fast-rising DJ duo Eyes Everywhere (check out their latest release, No Wifey, out now on Main Course) along with their Cool Dad Records squad in the back room of Allen Street Hardware Cafe, as well as hip hop and trap DJ, Natron, in the front room. The theme is #MarchRadness, so we asked Eyes Everywhere to pick their “Top 5 Tracks to Ball To” and they broke it down by quarter. Tank top connoisseur, Natron, threw in a bonus celebration track as well.

Pre-Game:  ”Stretch” by Ty Dolla Sign

“So this is the warm ups, before we go dropping dimes and shooting J’s we need to make sure we don’t pull anything.”

First Quarter: “Planet Floor” by Shiba San

You need to establish a good, clean rhythm to your game. Can’t be pulling out anything crazy but you can’t let up. The first quarter is all about fundamentals.”

Second Quarter: ”Roll It Around” by Wood Holly

“Gotta pass it off to our homie in California for this one, Wood shows us all how to get funky with it while holding things down.”

Third Quarter: ”6pm in New York” by Drake

“Here’s where you come out with the fancy footwork and freestyling. Drizzy took it to the house with this one, showing that at his best, no one can go one on one.”

Fourth Quarter: “That’s Not Me ” by Skepta

“Just to flex.”

Natron’s BONUS victory lap: ”Whoomp There It Is” by Tag Team

“There’s just something about the moment you hear that first line, “party peopleeeeee” the club just gets wild. It’s got strong bass and a nice hook. It’s always fun to throw it back to the Jock Jams classics.”