Buffalovenotes, Spreading the Love Anonymously

by / Mar. 20, 2015 10am EST

We, the Buffalovers, are taking over. Who doesn’t love a heartfelt note? Who didn’t pass notes in grade school? Well, note passing is back and stronger than ever spreading the new brand of love that we have become so accustomed to in the Queen City: Buffalove. 

This startup project, Buffalovenotes, operates on the idea of posting & passing: a way to show your tenderness and then pass it on to others. Stick it on a windshield, inside the binds of a book, within the pages of The Public, or wherever your kindness takes you. He who stumbles upon this note is to pay the love forward. The terminology of ‘Buffalove’ has always been about the place — let’s instead focus it back on the people. 

All of the sayings, setups, and stories told through the BuffaloveNotes can be seen on their Instagram that’s chalk full of hometown pride. Find their instagram here: @buffalovenotes. If you’d like to pick up some notes of your own to spread as you please, visit their Etsy shop or wait to stumble upon a note of your own in Buffalo!