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by / Mar. 15, 2017 12am EST

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I Know Better, I’m No Better by Humble Braggers

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Tame Impala, Tears for Fears, Friendly Fires


Released this week, the new full length record, I Know Better, I’m No Better from Buffalo indie rock band Humble Braggers is a synth-pop-tinged throwback-inspired rock record released by Admirable Traits Records. Borrowing equally from 1980s bands like Tears for Fears, and mid 2000s blog house, the synthy, soaring rock record is anchored by singer Tom Burtless’ airy yet powerful voice and the band’s tight pop grooves. Occasionally breaking into a full on jam, the record even moves into atmospheric territory at times too. Highlights include album opener “Fight,” the more driving “Burden,” and poppy 1980s throwback “Weight.” The 10-track record is up for streaming now on the band’s Soundcloud page. 

“Soul Deep” by Shanny

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Kendrick Lamar, Kamaiyah


Shanny is a rapper and R&B artist from Buffalo. Her latest track is “Soul Deep feat. Ghaf”—a deep R&B track that moves from Shanny’s whispy flow to Ghaf’s assertive verses. A rhythmic beat runs under contemplative instrumentation as the singer repeats the refrain “you’re soul deep.”