This Week's Public Picks: Carina and the Six String Preacher +

by / Mar. 6, 2018 8pm EST

Album: One for the Road by Brent Martone
Recommended if you like: The Postal Service, Brand New, Bright Eyes

Brent Martone, better known as the frontman of Buffalo-based indie rock band Head North, released a solo album this week titled One for the Road. The 13-track album comes with the following description: “recorded in my bedroom, with cheap gear, while underemployed at a coffee shop.” The album features production that ranges from emotional vocals and acoustic guitar to minimal, poppy drum machine patterns, and more chaotic, noisy pieces. Highlights include the soaring pop track “20,000,” the Postal Service-esque “Feel the Bern,” and the reverberated, minimal album closer “See You Soon!” Listen for free on Bandcamp.

EP: The Great Hideaway by Carina and the Six String Preacher
Recommended if you like: Pete La Roca, Wayne Shorter, Tom Waits

Buffalo based jazz-noir duo Carina and the Six String Preacher released a new record at the end of February titled The Great Hideaway. The EP features five tracks of loungey, vocal jazz that is as atmospheric as it is musical. Highlights include the seductive album opener and title track, the moody, minimal “Ashtray,” and the bossa nova-inspired “Boy.” Stream for free on Apple Music.