This Week's Public Picks: Parade Chic + Darling Harbor

by / Feb. 27, 2018 5pm EST

Record: Strike by Parade Chic

Recommended if you like: Tame Impala, The Black Angels, L.A. Witch

Indie rock band Parade Chic released a series of what they call “sketches” or demos of songs slated to be on a forthcoming full length record. The demo tape, titled Strike, features four tracks that drip of 1960s psychedelia. Highlights include the sun child rock of “Black Sheep,” and the darker, more driving “Rage and Riot.”


Album: This Lonely War by Darling Harbor

Recommended if you like: The Spill Canvas, Dashboard Confessional, This Day and Age

On their latest record, This Lonely War, Buffalo’s Darling Harbor gets to work quickly, laying down hooky pop punk from the first notes of the album’s opener, “The First Step.” Despite the album’s dark, foreboding cover artwork, the inner workings are much more upbeat, especially on tracks like “Playing Favorites,” though it often dips deep into the emo realm on tracks like “Glass” and “Ocean.” Stream the entire album for free on Bandcamp.