Tundra Swan photo by Jburney
Tundra Swan photo by Jburney

GreenWatch Sunday Morning TV-Tundra Swans on the Niagara

by / Feb. 25, 2017 9pm EST

Oh My Gosh, it has been an unusual winter.  Record breaking warm temperatures, iceless lakes and rivers, and still the birds come here.  During the winter months birds migrate from northern breeding territories to overwinter in what are often the first open waters to the south- including and especially the Niagara River.  Each winter about 30 species of waterfow numbering in the hundreds of thousands or more, including ducks, geese, and swans come here to spend the winter in what may be their Miami.  Certainly this years balmy winter is more akin to the tropics than the usual cold that overtakes our region, traditionally speaking.  Of couse the world is different now. Climate change has its grip on nature.

Todays Sunday morning videos have some wonderful imagery of some of these winter bird visitors.  Both were shot during February of 2017

Tundra Swans on the Niagara River, shot at Beaver Island State Park



Outer Harbor Waterfowl- Buffalo Outer Harbor State Park