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by / Feb. 18, 2015 12am EST

BuffaBLOG’s weekly local album reviews and event picks.

Lesionread – Lesionread’s Greatest Hits! Vol 1 (LP)
Recommended If You Like: Yip Yip, UVB76
Lesionread’s Greatest Hits! Vol 1 is a collection of standout tracks from the electronic artist’s nearly five-year career, in addition to remixes from electro friends Ay Fast, Young Stalin, Signo Vinces, and more. The multi-media wunderkind celebrated the release of the compilation this past Valentine’s Day evening at Dreamland.

Passion in Constellation – “Dat Purple Penguin” (Song)
Chris Alan leaves the dreamy synths behind for a beat heavy, blippy, and dancefloor ready jam. “Dat Purple Penguin” is included on the three-track Forfeit The Genre EP, which also features two remixes of previously released tracks.

HC Kush – “Sly Green” (Song)
RIYL: Fredo Santana, Lil Herb
Hood Connects member brings his menacing, street-wise lyrics to the latest track from the growing trap collective. Follow the Hood Connects’ Youtube page for further tracks, including “Sly Green,” from the group of MCs.

 Local Show Pick of the Week 
Who: Dream Journal
Where: The Glitter Box
When: Friday, February 22 @ 6pm
Cost: $6