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by / Feb. 15, 2017 12am EST

The Public’s weekly local music reviews and previews.

 Video:   “Afshu Salam” by True Intent Productions

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Recommended if you like: Missy Elliott, Black Eyed Peas

Released to coincide with Black History Month, the new song and video directed by Syrian-American director Akram Shibly features Buffalo-based dancer Denny Hemphill in an experimental dance role. The piece,  made by True Intent Productions and titled “Afshu Salam” features music by Ethos Logos Pathos—a combination of hip hop trap beats and quotes by Martin Luther King Jr. Coretta Scott King, and Malcom X, laid over the krump-style dancing by Hemphill—and visual effects by local artist Ryan Howze. 

 Video:   “Hey Elliot” by Apathetic

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Recommended if you like: New Found Glory, The Get Up Kids, The Ataris

The new video from Apathetic is a humorous take on ghost hunter-type reality TV shows. The first minute of the video features a faux-freaked out reality tv show host guiding a team of ghost hunters through an old house. Lo and behold, the ghosts turn out to be rock and roll Apathetic, who launch into their pop-punk track “Hey Elliot,” while cloaked in low budget sheets as Scooby Doo-style ghosts. The track comes from the band’s recently released EP, Show Yourself.