Buffalo Is Canceled: Matthew Aquiline

by / Feb. 2, 2019 12pm EST

For our special blizzard-impacted issue, we asked the community for wide-ranging responses to a general question: “Where is Buffalo now?” Below is one such submission. 


Reasoning With a Blizzard

It is dark

but between the snow

and the moon

like a pile of shrapnel

under an exploding bulb

the night is white hot

a beacon training eyes

towards tomorrow

but tonight

must have its fun

straighten its nerves

cool its bones

so we let it

out of civility

or unfortunate geography

we let it

eat it up even

as it swallows the hissing

dynamo of stars

maybe that’s it

the transient cloaking

an invitation to lodge

our hollowed hope in snow

for it’ll melt away tomorrow

Matthew Aquiline, 20, student

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