Photo by Joe George.
Photo by Joe George.

Buffalo Is Canceled: Joe George

by / Feb. 2, 2019 11am EST

For our special blizzard-impacted issue, we asked the community for wide-ranging responses to a general question: “Where is Buffalo now?” Below is one such submission. 

There is no direct public transport route home from my place of employment, so rather than wait for a connection I usually take either the train or bus about halfway. This evening I took the train which normally would have been packed during rush hour; today there was only one other person in the car. Exiting the station at Allen Street the wind blew with such force that I had to help the woman ahead of me push the door open. Stepping out into the tunnel just outside the door we had to lean into the wind and snow in order to keep balance. It was like stepping into the belly of the beast. My ski goggles which I had perched on top of my head in the train became immediately useless as the fog that had accumulated immediately froze. I took my hands out of leather mitts for just a few seconds to take this shot and it felt like ice needles piercing them. Walking into the wind during the half-mile from the train station was pretty incredible. Like many of my friends I am old enough to remember the Blizzard of ‘77, and while this may not have the same intensity (hopefully it won’t last as long), this sure brings back memories. On the walk home I thought how alive this made me feel, but also that Mother Nature sure is pissed.

Joe George, photographer/artist

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