Buffalo Is Cancelled

by / Jan. 30, 2019 10am EST
Storm have you homebound and thinking too much? Join us at The Public for this fun project!
This as-to-yet-to-be-named blizzard has claimed the possibility of prompt delivery of The Public tomorrow, so we’ll be running an impromptu special storm issue a few days late, featuring your answer to very general question: 
Where is Buffalo now? 
With the turn of the calendar, a Democratic majority in Congress, single-party control of a reform-minded state government, Buffalo Common Council and School Board races in 2019, and the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo’s announcement of $1 million in awards for local changemakers, we want to hear from you. 
What pressing issue do you see unaddressed elsewhere? 
What burning hot take do you want to share? 
What unheralded struggle do you wish to highlight? 
What does Buffalo need to take the next step toward being the city you want it to be? 
What psychic ghosts are riding behind this storm for you?
Please feel free to answer this in any form: a short essay, a poem, a song, a video, and we’ll publish as many as we can in print, and even more online if we can. 
Get back to us by noon on Friday, February 1, and give us a:
Brief title (ex. studentartist, business owner, etc.).
Image you want to accompany your piece (if we don’t receive one, we will use a social media or stock image).
Hit us up at Ge safe, stay warm, and get deep.