This Week's Public Picks: Jolly Wailer + Al Polanski

by / Jan. 30, 2018 7pm EST

Single: “I’m the President” by Jolly Wailer

Recommended if you like: Max Graef, Session Victim, Romare

The latest track from DJ and producer Jolly Wailer is titled “I’m the President.” The track is a funky, bassy, kind of chaotic groove that hits in all the right spots to get you moving on the dance floor. There are a few bars of some old school hip hop verse sampled in there, a few piano vamps, and some funky, percussive scrubbing that gives it a hint of a retro vibe. Stream it for free on Soundcloud now.

Single: “The Drink of Necessity (on The Back of a Can of Beer)” by Al Polanski

Recommended if you like: DJ Haus, Bicep, Kelela

Buffalo native Al Polanski dropped a new track this month titled “The Drink of Necessity (on The Back of a Can of Beer)” The synthy track oscillates between funky uptempo house and an R&B inspired breakdown as a thick, round bassline pulsates throughout. Stream for free on Soundcloud now.