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by / Jan. 29, 2017 12pm EST

To call the past week “interesting” is a profound misunderestimation of massive proportions.

Buffalo is rising. There have been a number of protests, rallies, and other demonstrations and actions since before the last friday Innauguration of Donald Trump. As documented in the Public, the local march last saturday in support of the Women’s March in Washington DC was one of the biggest protest events in Buffalo since the 1960’s.

Last night, Saturday January 28, an almost spontaneous rally occured at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport, in support of rallies across the county protesting the Trump Administration’s Executive Order on immigration which will be forever known as the Muslim Ban. You can argue about what to call it all you want, and nuanced aplogists for the administration do, but Trump promised it in his campaign rhetoric, and here it is.

You can see more of the Trump Administrations work here.

it may not be working out so very nicely. Thousands of people across the County went to airports last night to demonstrate their opposition.

There were about 150 that went to the Buffalo Niagara International Airport to support local immigrants that may be caught in the new crackdown on innocent people, families, and children.

So here is a question. We hear about Sanctuary Cities. We know that they are being targeted by the Trumpaholics.  Why is Buffalo not a Sanctuary City? We are on the international border, have beautiful, historic and substantial immigrant populations that helped make Buffalo a great city. What do you think?

Click Here: What are Sanctuary Cities? 

Update: Petition: Mayor Brown: Make Buffalo a Sanctuary City,  A safe haven for immigrants

Buffalo Niagara International Airport Demonstration, January 28, 2017.




Buffalo’s Outer Harbor is a unique place. Times Beach Nature Preserve at the end of Furhmann Blvd near the historic Lighthouse has long been a refuge for wild things including migrating and resident birds, other seasonal wildlife, and now a pair of Red Fox.

We were lucky to observe these beautiful animals in this video shot over two weeks in January 2017.