This Week's Public Picks

by / Jan. 24, 2017 4pm EST

The Public’s weekly local music reviews and previews.

 Single:   “KERB” and “Shiner” by The Slums

 Recommended if you like:   Bear Vs. Shark, Braid, At the Drive-In

Last week, post-hardcore band The Slums released a pair of singles,”KREB” and “Shiner.” Recorded at Quiet Country Audio with engineer Paul Besch, side A, “KREB” is a pounding grunge track that recalls early 2000s post-hardcore bands. Side B, “Shiner” is a more uptempo, slightly less dissonant jam that’s heavier on melody and guitar riffage.

 Video:   Filthy Fishy Dreams (of Persophone) by Tr3 8cho

 Recommended if you like:  A Tribe Called Quest, Mos Def, Talib Kweli 

Earlier this month, hip hop artist Tr3 8cho released a video for his song “Filthy Fishy Dreams (of Persophone).” The video is stylistic throwback to 1920s silent films. Produced by Sparkmatik, the song is a bouncing hip hop track punctuated by Tr3 8cho’s tenacious flow and mischievous lyrics.