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by / Jan. 18, 2017 12am EST

The Public’s weekly local music reviews and previews.

 Single:   “Oui Swing feat. Sean McNamara”
by Tyler Westcott

 Recommended if you like:  Ennion Morricone, 17 Hippies, Black Ox Orkestar

Singer/songwriter Tyler Westcott has just released his latest piece of music, a brief but masterful instrumental track titled “Oui Swing feat. Sean McNamara.” The track, which features Westcott and McNamara dueling on their respective stringed instruments, is a playful yet tense tune seemingly made for a Western shootout scene. Recorded by Eric Hughes and Travis Johnson at Bankrupt Studios in Buffalo in November 2016.

 Single:   “idk abt u” by Lesionread

 Recommended if you like:  Caribou, Grimes 


Shape-shifter Lesionread gets weirder on latest track “idk abt u.” Moving from solo party monster to pop band, this latest track explores experimental hypnosis or something along those lines. Swelling beats are laid over wandering vocals and intensifying synth tones.