Peach Picks: Solitude and a Rainstorm

by / Jan. 16, 2018 5pm EST


Yesterday, we published two poems at Peach by Alain Ginsberg, an agender writer and performer from Baltimore City, Maryland. The poem, “Self Portrait as Waluigi,” is a beautiful meditation on identity. “It is no effort to figure out who I am / without knowing how I have lived; / without knowing how I have ended.” “Self Portrait as Waluigi” deals with friendship, self image, relationships, childhood, gender, and more. This Friday we will be featuring several images by local photographer and book artist Joel Brenden. The series, The Grammar of Your Question (about white houses), features several stunning spreads of homes and neighborhoods. In pale pink and black, Brenden’s pieces explore solitude and occasionally the surreal.


Malacqua: Four Days of Rain in the City of Naples, Waiting for the Occurrence of an Extraordinary Event

By Nicola Pugliese (trans. by Shaun Whiteside)

And Other Stories / 256 pages / fiction

After not being published at the time it was written, Malacqua was then picked up by Nicola Pugliese and inexplicably withdrawn from publication even though it was widely successful. It was re-released after the author’s death in 2012, and was translated into English by Shaun Whiteside in 2017. Written during a period of political unrest and frequent terrorism in Naples, Malacqua takes place during a four-day long rainstorm of biblical proportion, where more and more mysterious events begin to transpire. The tale is told through the various points of view of the residents living through the experience.

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