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by / Jan. 10, 2017 11pm EST

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 Album:   pieces 1 by pieces
 Recommended if you like: 
The Magnetic Fields, Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder

A new project from Bill Nehill and Ed Hallborg, pieces, has released new material. The record, utilitarianly titled pieces 1, is nine tracks of synth wave pop that seems equally as influenced by Kraftwerk as it is the Magnetic Fields. Highlights include album opener, “sun,” which seems to genuinely channel Stephin Merritt,  mechanical electronic pop track “letterburn,” and the driving proto-techno of “body decontrol/mind of holy birth.” Fifty copies of the album will be pressed onto high-quality chrome cassettes.


Hold On With All Your Might by Tj Zindle
 Recommended if you like: 
John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Ed Sheeran


Former Last Conservative frontman Tj Zindle has recently released a new full-length album. The record, titled Hold on with All Your Might, is a power-pop record that runs 11 tracks long. The record moves from straight-on pop music to country-tinged rock on songs like “Nine Volt Brain” and into Led Zeppelin-esque rock on songs like “You Have It Coming.” The album is available now on iTunes.