messing around in the kitchen... @laurennmaynard
messing around in the kitchen... @laurennmaynard

Pic and Chews: Buffalo Chowhounds of Instagram

by / Jan. 11, 2016 10am EST

 Chowhound of the week: Lauren Newkirk Maynard 

Meet Lauren Newkirk Maynard, a transplant from PA who has discovered a passion for Buffalo’s food. Lauren is a freelance food writer herself, which has sparked in her a deep interest for the food in Buffalo, in her kitchen, and outside the city limits. Lauren is all about eating local. “You can usually find me browsing at a farmers market, trying the specials at Buffalo restaurants or attempting overly ambitious recipes at home,” she says. Since her move to Buffalo in 2001, Lauren and her husband have embedded themselves in the community and have loved every minute of it. 

Lauren has fallen in love with a new local spot that has also been popular among other foodies, Elm Street Bakery. This homey restaurant, bakery, and café located in the village of East Aurora offers up food that makes anyone salivate at the mention of their name. “There’s a high level of quality, creativity and service without pretension, which is a sweet spot I think Buffalo delivers when it’s at its best,” Lauren says. When she’s not enjoying her favorite savory dishes from many other local spots there is one desert that she’ll order whenever she has the chance, sticky toffee pudding from Black Sheep. “It’s the touch of salt that brings out the sweet,” she says. For the most part, Lauren is a cheese lover. She searches for a little bit or tang in every dish she eats, whether it comes from cheese, yogurt, or pickled veggies. However, Lauren does have one thing in particular she misses from back home. As a “Philly girl” she has a soft spot for greasy, finger-licking cheesesteak. “Onions and American (not wiz). No peppers, no provolone, no ‘special sauce,’ and definitely no toasting,” she says.

Lauren is an “active follower” of the Buffalo food scene. Being a food writer herself, she knows just who to follow to get the best information on local food. Lauren heads right to the source and follows some big names in Buffalo’s kitchen such as: Colleen Stillwell from Butter Block Buffalo, James Roberts from Toutant, and Luci Levere from Elm Street Bakery. Sometimes, inspiration is right in her own kitchen. Lauren is a fan of local farmers markets and other local ingredients, which helps her make her own creations right at home.

As her profile states, Lauren is “curiously hungry,” so she always leaves room for more inspiration when it comes to food around the community. If you’re interested in reading Lauren’s articles and want to check out some of her pictures, visit her page and enjoy all it has to offer.